Personal executive coaching

Achieve your professional goals and remove barriers to being the person and executive leader you want to be. Get the results you need or aspire to. Safely explore how you operate at a system level to enable change that does not rely on exhausting behaviour management.

Personal life coaching

Pursue your life goals and remove barriers to being the person you want to be. Get out of a rut and experience the beauty of life. Discover emotional health and experience genuine happiness and wellbeing in your life and relationships.

Relationship coaching

Our relationships with ourself and others are fundamental experiences of human life. They can be the essence of life or tragically the literal death of us. I specialise in coaching relationships for excellence, renewal and recovery. 

Whether you are hesitant to start, enjoying a honeymoon stage, losing the 'loving feeling' or despairing of life itself, I can coach you to gain the clarity you need for action and skills to take you and your relationsip forward to excellence.

Team or group coaching

Want even better performance for your team? Want to solve urgent and important problems or capture new opportunities. Perhaps you know there is an ‘elephant in the room’ that you don't quite know how to deal with? I provide a safe space for each team member and the framework to identify problems, address issues, capitalise on new opportunities and build personal and team performance.

Conflict resolution coaching

Are you experiencing conflict (or avoiding conflict) with a partner or spouse, colleague or boss, within your team? I am skilled in conflict resolution for individuals, couples and teams. I will work with you individually or jointly to clarify your desired outcomes, equip you with practical skills to respectfully implement with your conflict partner.

Action learning

Action learning is a small group process to solve critical problems and at the same time intentionally build the capability of your team and organisation. Acquire superior problem solving, communication and leadership skills. I am a certified team coach with the World Institute for Action Learning. If you want to intentionally build the capacity and function of your team this is a very powerful process. You and your team will come away with a clear definition and common agreement of what the real problem is. You will also identify real actions to progress resolution and simultaneously build your personal and team function.

Life adventure program

Explore your goals or tackle problems with the exceptional benefits of experiential learning in a nature setting. This program comprises six, 90 minute sessions (one session per week), on trails in Canberra’s nature reserves. Gain new awareness, perspective, awe, insights into beauty and diversity as you explore and grow.