Relationship Coaching

Relationships of one kind or another are our human experience of life. They can be the essence of life or tragically the literal death of us. I specialise in coaching relationships for excellence, renewal and recovery. 

If you are hesitant to start, uncertain about not sure where a friendship or relationship is going? Entrenched in mediocrity, disappointment, perhaps an increasing sense of its over. or


Whether you are hesitant to start, enjoying a honeymoon stage, losing the 'loving feeling' or despairing of life itself, I can coach you to gain the clarity you need for action and skills to take you forward

Conflict Resolution Coaching

Are you experiencing conflict (or avoiding conflict) with a partner or spouse? I am trained and skilled in conflict resolution. I will work with you individually or jointly to clarify your desired outcomes, equip you with practical skills and provide a safe space for you to respectfully implement those skills with the conflict partner.