Create your own Christmas story

On return to the office next year, I can pretty much guarantee that people will ask me ‘how was your Christmas?’

What story will I tell about my Christmas and for what purpose will I tell it?

Depending on the context and person, I might choose the emotionally safe, socially polite story of ‘pretty nice, relaxing, had a good time.’ Or perhaps it will be the victim of circumstances story ‘trip ruined by car trouble, weather was too hot, too cold, rained the whole time, or so and so did this and you wouldn’t believe what happened after that…’ Perhaps it will be an elaborate drama, comedy or hero story.

So it’s one thing to tell a story after the event, but can I create my own story of Christmas, now, before it happens with clear content, purpose and meaning? Can you create right now your Christmas experience such that you have a story you really want to tell and will be proud to tell?


Right now we can each create our own Christmas story with a focus, the attitudes that will characterise us and the principles we will live by. Having created the attributes we will demonstrate in the story, we can progress through the Christmas season looking for the circumstances, surprises, challenges that provide the story setting. Here are a couple of questions that may assist you create your own inspiring Christmas story.

What uplifting response do I want to inspire in those I tell my story to?

What positive attitude can I demonstrate when plans go awry?

What sensitive behaviours will demonstrate empathy when there is loss or grief at Christmas?

What helpful role can I fill when there is conflict?

What contribution can I make to a cause that is bigger than myself?

This year, I trust you enjoy creating your own Christmas story.

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