Team or group coaching

Want even better performance for your team? Want to solve urgent and important problems or capture new opportunities. Perhaps you know there is an ‘elephant in the room’ that you don't quite know how to deal with? I provide a safe space for each team member and the framework to identify problems, address issues, capitalise on new opportunities and build team performance.

Action learning

Action learning is a small group process to solve critical problems and at the same time intentionally build the capability of your team and organisation with superior problem solving, communication and leadership skills. I am a certified team coach and Chair of the World Institute for Action Learning Australia ( If you want to intentionally build the capacity and function of your team this is a very powerful process. You and your team will come away with a clear definition and common agreement of what the real problem is, real actions that will progress resolution and simultaneously aquire enhanced capability to benefit the team, your organisation and stakeholders.