Capability and capacity building workshops

Build capability and wellbeing for your team and organisation.

These workshops explore principles and experience with the promise of new insights and practical skills. 

Implement the content of these workshops during team coaching or action learning problem solving to experience immediate change in team function, wellbeing and effectiveness.

Workshop topics

Leadership - lead where you are from  disposition (character, values, passion).

Problem solving and innovation - enable creativity, empower action, value diversity, remove barriers.

Team function - getting what you focus on, interpersonal skills, communication, addressing conflict.

Conflict - principles for understanding and resolving conflict in relationships at work or home.

Communication - clarity and effectiveness for relationships at home and the office.


Psychological safety for teams - skills to create safety for high performance, learning and development in your team.

Psychological safety for relationships - skills to enable trust, intimacy and love.

Emotional intelligence - awareness, comfort and appropriate expression (including anger).

Wellbeing - Beyond diet, sleep and exercise, explore purpose, meaning, personal power and spirituality.

Introduction to action learning - learn the principles and experience the breakthrough power of action learning.

Introduction to team coaching - Core skills for coaching teams.

Bias - unconscious influences and better decision making. 

Bullying and harrasment - what to do with the victim experience.

Experience matrix - bringing order and strategy to complex situations and unsettling experiences.

Dealing with CRAP (Cynicism, Resignation, Anger, Procrastination) - we all have CRAP experiences, how to respond and be free.