Responsible - Empowered - Authentic - Liberated

Spiritually REAL people connect and engage with God with all of the head, all of the heart and all of the gut. Others love to be with them because they are Responsible, Empowered, Authentic and Liberated.

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Make a great choice today - right now even –
‘I give myself permission to be REAL’.
If you’ve noticed that blaming the devil, church or the people about you doesn’t really change anything, it’s time to be RESPONSIBLE. Get clear on WHY we choose to ‘do’ or ‘not- do’ things even when it’s the opposite of what we want. Know yourself and core needs as God created you.
Feeling powerless in life, work or relationships? Be EMPOWERED to move with clarity of purpose, energy and motivation.
Be AUTHENTIC. Stop kidding yourself and God. Learn to engage appropriate with all our God-given emotions including anger, grief, disgust. Experience deep peace and rest within yourself and in God.
Feel like you’re lugging around the emotional and spiritual baggage of a lifetime? Get clarity on why those burdens remain and prepare to be spiritually free. Be LIBERATED, live free, experience the joy and full life with Jesus you long for.

Your spiritual coaching with Ross will have you singing praises to God.

Getting the guidance and answers you need can be easy...

Relationship breakdown can be crushing – that was my experience. You don’t have to walk alone on the path to recovery and a healthy, vibrant relationship that nourishes your soul. As your coach I walk with you and provide practical tools. I provide a confidential and judgement-free space to be REAL together. 

I am skilled in coaching conflict resolution and a member of the Resolution Institute. To ensure you get professional service, I maintain professional certification as a coach with the International Coach Federation and action learning team coach with the International Coach Federation and the World Institute of Action Learning. 

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"In the online world anyone can create a website and call themself a “relationship coach”.

Ross has the qualifications and easily gained my trust. His coaching ability and personal style has been very conducive to clarifying my challenging personal relationships and also professional concerns."

- Andrew

In your REAL relationships you get:

Greater respect for God and who he created you to be

Momentum and power to live God’s call on your life

Authenticity in your relationship with God, yourself and others

Deep release from the need to perform for God

REAL Spirituality Workshops