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Responsible - Empowered - Authentic - Liberated

REAL people are wonderful to be with. They are Responsible, Empowered, Authentic and Liberated. They inspire those about them.

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Make a great choice today - right now even –
‘I give myself permission to be REAL’.
Blame games get a lot of wheels spinning and generate a lot of smoke. Be RESPONSIBLE, stop blaming others and the system. Experience trust, respect and collaboration in your team to solve real problems and innovate.
Feeling stale and stuck in the ruts of those ahead? Be EMPOWERED to get unstuck and out of the ruts. Start moving collaboratively. Experience purpose and meaning, productivity and new capability in your team function.
Are you sick of edging around the elephants and other unspeakable matters? Be AUTHENTIC, stop avoiding the elephants, wicked problems and conflict. Experience deep personal and professional respect and collaboration.
Constant change is certain, and traditions were set up for good reasons. Be LIBERATED
and resourceful to generate new solutions for new and complex problems. Release outdated paradigms. Experience team creativity, wellbeing and flow.

Team coaching with Ross will solve problems and intentionally build the capability and function you long for.

Getting the guidance and answers you need can be easy...

I know the feeling of dread at the prospect of yet another day facing the daily grind, drama and pain of dysfunctional team behaviours. No one signed up for that. As your team coach I work with you to clarify the problems at a system not superficial level. I coach your team in confidential and judgement free space, so you can experience your REAL team. 

To ensure you get professional service, I maintain professional certification as a coach with the International Coach Federation and action learning team coach with the International Coach Federation and the World Institute of Action Learning. I am also skilled in conflict coaching and a member of the Resolution Institute.

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"In the online world anyone can create a website and call themself a “relationship coach”.

Ross has the qualifications and easily gained my trust. His coaching ability and personal style has been very conducive to clarifying my challenging personal relationships and also professional concerns."

- Andrew

REAL Teams enjoy:

 Responsibility to self-Regulate Performance

Power to Deliver Results and Effect Great Outcomes

Authentic respect and collaboration

Liberated problem solving and innovation

REAL Team Workshops

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I understand it can be hard to ask for help let alone pay for something that can seem quite intangible. That’s why I extend to you, totally free, a 20-min coaching call. I get that you want to have confidence working with me so our first 20 min phone call is about you getting some clarity on what you need and answering any outstanding questions. It really is important to me that I am a great fit in terms of you feeling safe, knowing that our work together is confidential and it’s a space that’s free of judgement.

I take pride in maintaining and developing coaching skills and credentials so that you get great professional service. I maintain a professional certification as a coach and action learning team coach with the International Coach Federation and the World Institute of Action Learning. I am trained and experienced in career and conflict coaching and a member of the Resolution Institute.

I coach for the beauty of life, the wonder of diversity and the rewards of exploring.

I'd always been sceptical of coaching but wish I'd done this sooner. Ross doesn't judge and is skillful at listening and pulling out insights that made me go "that is so true - why didn't I think of that before?". I came away feeling whole and that it's okay to bring all of myself to my job. (Peter B)


International Coach Federation

ICF ACC 9096990

Resolution Institute

Member 34078

World Institute for Action Learning

Certified action learning team coach 9264

Board Membership

Chair of Directors, WIAL Australia 2018-2020

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