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Tips for Christmas Cheer

If ever reality fails to meet expectations for happiness, Christmas is at the top of the list for many people.

Here are three proven strategies that generate happy feelings and enhanced wellbeing. Whatever the circumstances that you find yourself over Christmas, try these simple steps to experience some happiness and wellbeing.

  1. Take an action to progress a problem or opportunity. A small step is a great step. The step doesn’t even have to be successful. Just knowing you have faced up to the challenge and had a go can generate a sense of relief, progress and wellbeing.

  2. Act in accordance with your values. Avoid actions that offer short term gain with long term pain. If you can’t name your values, take some time to reflect and identify what is really important to you so that you know when your conscious choices are aligned with your values.

  3. Focus is a choice. You can choose what you focus (or fixate) on, if you create options. For example, ‘will I focus on being sad or happy, what I have or what I don’t have?’ Notice your choices and observe how you have what you are focused on.

Remember, whilst everyone wants to be happy, its just not appropriate all the time, in all circumstances. It is appropriate to be sad when there is loss and grief, its appropriate to experience anger when wronged or there is injustice.

May your Christmas break be refreshing and your celebrations meaningful.

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